Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Musings - First Time

Archit( 4 years) crosses the road without help. He looks left-right-left everytime and seems to do it like crossing a river. I still dont do it.

Beaches look good even on TV. Saw a serial shot on the light house top.

When will the kid on nandanam signal colour Dora?

Satvika( 2 years) does not cry if her amma is not around.She only cries to her mother. I dont know why.

People on road dont look up when a flight zooms closer to ground. And they look at me in awe instead, when I tilt my head up.

Why are phones on loud mode at work? Why cant they put it on vibrate and keep it right in front of the monitor, if they are musically working?

Tea is a addiction. Even seeing it is. I love watching the way it boils to an aroma on the stove.

Orion Belt is so scintillating amongst the skies. Worried why 11 year old Ajitesh does not know anything about it.

Any fom of chocolate is evil. Even watchin it on makes me linger for a bite.

My lotus lip balm smells of strawberry. It is supossed to be Velvetty Rose.

Fab India skirts are mass crowd pullers. Everyone saw the girl during break today.

Bad eyebrows make people look older. I look 28 today. Feels like 29.

......will muse on.......

P.S : If you wish to, pick this as a tag on a work filled day to ease out some tension.


  1. Do u really think it was the fab india skirt?

    Maybe, it was her hairdo. Or perhaps her bangle. Or blimey, its just that we are all so bored and anything, absolutely anything out of the ordinary warrants our attention!!


    Btw, nice blog here. poetical and all. will try and keep in tune. Tc


  2. May be!! I dontg know! But I am always a fan of fab india skirts, and so thought that way! Do agree with the fact that we were bored!


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