Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am gonna be back

My last post was sometime in July. Although there are very few friends who read this blog, I am planing to keep it updated henceforth. There are about 5 - 6 posts in my drafts, and I will be posting them one after the another from today. I hope to maintain this time, with no interruptions. Lets see how far it goes.

To a more regular 2010!


  1. hey welcome back KC,

    hope to see more posts. Read a few and found it interesting. I do have to say that you have one reader who will be following you :-)

    Keep writing...

  2. Thank you karthi! It has always been a pleasure talkin and interacting witrh ouy - on face, on sametime, g talk, orkut and now on blogger! Do read the other posts as well!


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