Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Eight - Rajni Mania and some India :)

Last minute tickets to India - Expensive. Frenzy shopping with a fever - Chaos. Morning rides to airport - Tiresome. A Rajni Fan as a Driver - Awesomeness :)

It is one part of the news that I am in India, it is another that I had a Rajni fan driving me. And here is the tail piece, our man is a Malay born, Philippines raised young man. The conversation started with him asking why Mumbai is often attacked and on why Indian women like fair skin. And then our convo shifted to movies - it went something like this.

TG - " I like one man in India.His name is Rajni. He is a philanthropist"

SM - Hmmm (mindvoice - is that all he is? Aha)

TG - He is from South India.

SM - Me too, I am from Chennai

TG - (turns back, looks at me with wide eyes) Ah...so you see Rajni'ah?

SM - ( now wakeful me) - Yeah, I do see. He lives in Chennai, not close to my place but I know where he is.

TG - Oh, very good. He..very nice man..i likes his movies, the dance (!), the style..All very good. If you see Rajni, then I see you , tht is like I am seeing Rajni'ah! He is very dark, but Indians like that man.

SM - (actually smiling wide) yea, we love him. you saw his recent movie ROBO?

TG - 3 times la. He, better than Aishwarya!

SM - (WOW)

Never did I think a ride would get this peppy. I quietly slipped out my headphones, played Kilimanjaro and spent the rest of the ride thanking stars :) It is no big news he spoke on million other things, dropped me off at Changi, charged me 20 cents less and helped to offload luggage and wished me luck!

TG - Taxi Guy. SM - Sleepy Me (@6.30 am)


  1. some days i find the taxi guys' chatter very irritating, especially if it's an early morning ride. that's when i am at my grumpiest best :D

  2. Your post reminded me about this - http://thelubberwort.blogspot.com/2010/10/suicidal.html

  3. ha ha, just read that! U must try to sing again, choose a melody if it helps!

  4. I keep getting the question, How on earth did I choose that song?

    Anyways, I did perform my next karaoke after a few months, it was rather a melody from Vaarnam Aayiram, yeah, nenjukkul!!

  5. what a number :) please tell me that 'the' girl mentioned in the other post was around :P

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Don't know how you related this song to her, but you guessed it right! Though she wasn't around, she did help me choose this song, and I bagged the runners ;)

  8. Ha ha, i am laughing loud. Sometimes, such 'light bulbs' just click. Awesome, no easy job to win karoke - not for me atleast!

  9. by the way, which was the song that you tried?

  10. English number, MLTR - sleeping child. I have a sucky voice. Should try a non girly song sometime :)

  11. MLTR! that was a tough one.. All the best for your next song!


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