Thursday, May 12, 2011

I say so..

No cooking show ever shows behind the scenes. It is such a pain to wash vessels. I feel like the housemaid already!

Student life is fun - only if you stay at home and amma cooks meals for you. Not so much, when you are to do it yourself.

Friendship is not having a cup of coffee or talking heart to heart for a hour.

I believe the only thing that life has missing is a pause button.


  1. 2. Comparing it with what may be ahead, it may still be fun.

    3. Hmm...curious to know, what, in your opinion, is it about?

    4. Good one :-)

  2. 2. Probably :), lets see!

    3. Oh a touchy topic, will write on it when i get the gutso!

    4 . So true, rite!


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