Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kitchen Dates - Theraphy

Have you ever gone on a date?

To do some work?

And to learn new recipes?

If no, then you are missing kitchen dates!

I have been on atleast 8 -10 kitchen dates with Chitra Ma, over the last 10 months. And I must say, my personal self has improved drastically. The following are some changes I observe:

A sense of always 'having something to do' - I have a dozen recipes on my "To try" list, at any given point of time.
Better googling skills. Ask me where dill leaves are there in chennai, or where ricotta is available.
More knowledge - Ask me how to use a thermometer in cooking or on how Ferrero Rochers are made. I will tellyou.
More Responsibility - Suprisingly, I have started talking to much older people ( 60+) on recipes, cooking, and traditions. I somehow feel a lot responsible when I talk to older people on things they know best.
More than all this, it is the creative juices flowing. After a tiring week, the best way to unwind is to bake something. This diwali, I made quite some mithai, and felt over the top for most of it. It is so important to have a hobby, and to indulge in it regularly.At least to keep me going! My Kitchen - My Theraphy


  1. I want to eat your preparations! Good luck...

  2. For now, have this -

    I wil make some and come to frost sometime!



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